July 27: San Juan Island’s Mount Grant

This property is considered a “preserve in progress.” Hike up through old-growth Douglas Firs and rocky balds with uncommon prairie wildflowers, and views like you won’t get anywhere else in the islands. You can continue on south along the ridge crest to make this hike a loop, and return the way you came up.

Contact Bob Walker at 360-468-3397 or robwillwalk@hotmail.com.

Go Take A Hike - May 17, 2014, Turtleback

Go Take A Hike - May 17, 2014, Turtleback


The Lopez Community Trails Network (LCTN) will be scheduling a series of hikes open to the public under the title “Go Take a Hike" in 2019.  Our hike schedule will include a variety of destinations on- and off-island, including easy beach walks to more strenuous mountain hikes. These monthly hikes are held on Saturdays. Hikes are at a leisurely pace to encourage exploration and to experience the wonders of nature.

Sign up is by phone or e-mail with the hike leader. There is no expense except the sharing of transportation costs when we go off island.

We need volunteers with ideas for monthly group hikes from April until October of this year.  Please contact Bob Walker at robwillwalk@hotmail.com.