In late 2009, a group of Lopez residents gathered to discuss the feasibility of improving and increasing hiking, biking, and horseback riding opportunities on Lopez Island.  This effort blossomed into the Lopez Community Trails Network, with a membership now more than 300, and activities coordinated with San Juan County through the County Council, Land Trust, and Lopez Village Planning Committee.  Justification for our enthusiasm for improved trails was provided by a San Juan County-wide recreation survey in 2010 showing that San Juan County residents, especially Lopezians, valued most “an interconnected system of trails and open space for all users.”

    LCTN members are all volunteers who meet monthly to identify existing public and private trails, locate potential trail segments, partner with governmental and non-governmental organizations, and plan work sessions to implement our goals of building, maintaining, and connecting trails that will eventually traverse accessible corridors on our island, including improving the “walkability” of Lopez Village. We have had indoor and outdoor trail building workshops, work parties of our own, and partnered with such groups as the Bureau of Land Management and Boy Scouts to build or improve trail segments. LCTN owns no land; therefore, future trail opportunities arise through cooperation between various island agencies and island landowners.

    LCTN has received an assistantship via the U.S. National Park Service Rivers, Trails and Conservancy Assistance Program.  This assistantship provides a professional NPS consultant who will advise LCTN about building an effective organization, connecting with supportive agencies, and helping locate funds. A leading Seattle landscape architecture firm, Jones and Jones Architects, has provided pro bono expertise and Geographic Information System capabilities in developing trail linkages.  We have also benefited substantially from the advice and cooperative efforts of trails enthusiasts on San Juan and Orcas Islands, where organized groups have existed for several years. 

    Please join LCTN for fun, camaraderie and making a difference on Lopez Island. Regular meetings are held on the first Friday of each month at 8:30am in the Conference Room of the Lopez Public Library.  Hikes, bike rides, work parties, and other events are planned between these meetings. Members are linked via e-mail and new members are always welcome. Send your e-mail address to info@lopeztrails.org to be notified of LCTN events. 


The Hamlet To Clinic Trail

This was LCTN's first project and has been used by hundreds of folks over the last three years.  We will be formally renaming the trail soon... so stay tuned. 

Ferry Rd. to Odlin Park Trail


This foot, bike & equestrian trail leads into Odlin Park near the crest of Ferry Rd.

Washington Trails Association Turnpike Class


Getting down & dirty.

We have completed several more trails and there are a couple more in the planning stage so come join us...